The Emmanuel Benefice

Church Wardens at Armitage Bridge

Pam Thomas          01484 359270

Tony Crawshaw       07738068557


Church Wardens at South Crosland

Allan Greaves         01484 662659

Paul Coldwell          01484 340180


Armitage Bridge Bell Ringers

Have you ever wondered who makes that wonderful sound on a Sunday morning before our church services – well it is us. The ringers!

We have a small group of dedicated members ranging from early teens to over 70 years of age, male and female.

Regardless of popular belief, church bellringing does not launch you into the air like a rocket, nor do you need  muscles like Popeye. Its all in the mind and technique.

We have 6 bells at Armitage Bridge with the heaviest bell ( tenor ) weighing in at just over 9 cwt (450 kilos).

Each bell has its own rope which includes the woolly bit (called a sally) and ours are in traditional red, white and blue.

Like a lot of exercises and hobbies  people vary vastly in ability but the opportunity is there for everyone to learn to ring and take part in what is a very sociable past-time.

The object is to learn how to handle and control a bell which is approximately 10 metres above your head, in a room you cannot see and which you spin on a big wheel with a rope which you have the end of in your hands. Sounds a precarious challenge- which it is !

Having managed that everyone progresses at their own speed onto more difficult levels, some find it easy and progress quickly, while others are quite happy to plod along. One thing is for certain everyone is welcome and everyone should enjoy their evening out.

We are fortunate in Huddersfield to have a number of very good sets of bells and for those who want, ringing is literally available somewhere locally 7 days a week.

If you would like to have a try , and think that something which is both of physical and mental challenge to you, then come along on a practice night (Wednesday 7:30) or make contact with the clergy or church wardens.


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