The Emmanuel Benefice


The Emmanuel Team Ministry comprised the three churches of Holy Trinity (in South Crosland), St Paul’s (in Armitage Bridge) and St John’s (in Newsome).  Although based in these three locations, the Team Ministry covered the adjacent areas of  Netherton, Berry Brow,  Primrose Hill, Taylor Hill, Lockwood and Rashcliffe.


How it has evolved

Before the Emmanuel Team, there was already a link between the churches in Newsome and Armitage Bridge known as a 'United Benefice" meaning they shared clergy and a single Parochial Church Council (PCC) although each had its own District Church Council (DCC)

In April 2003 the Emmanuel Team was formed consisting of four churches- the three mentioned above and St Stephen's at  Rashcliffe, and they shared two stipendiary clergy. But in 2012 - the Easter Sunday Service was the last held at  St Stephen's  because the building became unsafe.It was formally closed to public worship in November 2013.

At this time the stipendiary clergy was reduced to one ( although supported as before by a non-stipendiary priest) which necessitated the introduction of a new pattern of services across the Team, some of which became lay-led.

A Trainee Curate became a valuable additional  resource from July 2013. However, in October 2016, the Team Rector left to take up a post elsewhere in the Diocese and his departure has been followed by that of the Curate in April 2017 at the end of his training.

The three churches in the Emmanuel team have retained their unique identities. They oversee their own administration and financial affairs through the PCC at South Crosland and the joint PCC for Newsome & Armitage Bridge, where each still has a DCC.

However,in the years since 2003, significant progress has clearly been made in creating a team ministry as is shown below.


As a Team Ministry we :

  • Meet regularly in combined worship on the  3rd Sunday of the month (at each church in sequence) with the advantage of a more substantial congregation
  • Join together in weekly 'Afterword'/'Altogether' Bible Study sessions
  • Come together for home or church based Lent/Advent and meditation meetings
  • Join with local Methodist churches in Netherton and Berry Brow for Unity Services, Cafe Church and a bi-annual weekend away
  • Operate joint working groups (Communications; Children's activities; Music)
  • Run occasional discussion sessions on topical matters (" Exploring the issues")
  • Support fund raising events at each other's churches within the  Team
  • Use the experience and talents of non-stipendiary and retired clergy in all three churches


In April 2018 the Revd Julie Anderson was licensed- by the Bishop of Leeds, Rt Revd Nick Baines- as Priest in Charge of the parish of Newsome & Armitage Bridge and the parish of South Crosland.

She is passionate about telling people about Jesus."I want everyone to know the love he has for them and I will do my best to get that message across any way I can.What I don't do ,however, is preach at people willy-nilly! I just try to love others and show them by my actions that Jesus loves them too".