Baptism and Confirmation

Baptism is an event which signifies new life in Christ, and is therefore popularly also called "Christening".  In the Bible, baptism is often associated with repentance and faith. Candidates who are adults or older children make declarations before God that they are turning away from a self-centred life to one centred on Christ. Similar declarations can be made by parents and godparents on behalf of infants.  In this case the child's sponsors are committing to praying for the candidate and encouraging them along their journey to personal faith. 

If you are seeking baptism for yourself, or your children, or you want information on becoming a godparent, then you may wish to read the useful information that is available on The Church of England’s website.

Confirmation is for those who have previously been baptised (or Christened) as a child, and as part of their Christian journey in life, wish to confirm their commitment to Christ.

If you are interested in baptism or in having your child baptised, or in being confirmed, please contact our Rector, Julie Anderson or 01484 962184.